The battle of a monkey and a crab


The battle of a monkey and a crab

Ape and Clab

Once upon a time, the ape which gathered the kind of the oyster met suddenly the crab with the rice ball which seems to be delicious.
The monkey wants the rice ball of the crab.
The monkey said sly to a crab.
“If the seeds of this persimmon are planted, the fruit of a persimmon delicious every year will bear.
Will you exchange a rice ball and the seeds? ”
“Yes, thank you”
The crab went home on the pleasure and planted the seeds of a persimmon instantly.

And the clab sing a sung, giving water diligently.

♪”Shot out the bud early, seeds of a persimmon!”
♪”Shot out the bud early, seeds of a persimmon!”
♪”If it does not take out, I will cut you with scissors. “
Then, what’s happen?
The bud came out from the seed of the persimmon planted a while ago, and it became large steadily.

♪”A fruit should bear early.The tree of a persimmon. “
♪”A fruit should bear early.The tree of a persimmon. “

♪”If it does not become, with scissors, I will cut you.”

Many persimmons fruited to the tree of the persimmon this time.

“Persimmons can be eaten now.”
Although a crab try to go to take the fruit of a persimmon, the crab cannot climb the tree.

When the crab was troubled, the ape came and said.
“Has the persimmon already fruited?
I will take them for you. “
When the ape climbed the tree, it began to eat the fruit of the ripe persimmon.
“He is sly.
Please also give me a persimmon. ”
“It is noisy.
Eat this! ”
The ape threw the fruit of the still blue and hard persimmon at the crab.
“Auch! It is painful and painful. You are sly. “
The crab which received the large injury went home, crying.
And the clab told to the mortar (tool which makes rice cake), bee, and chestnut of the friend who came for the visit.
Everybody who heard the talk got angry furiously.
“– OK. — Let’s punish that ape all together.”
Everybody went to the house of the ape instantly, hid secretly, and waited for return of the ape.
“Oh! cold! It is very cold. ”
Just as the ape which came back and tried to have sat on the sunken hearth, the chestnut hidden by the sunken hearth burst with sound, and collided with the hips of the ape.

“Acchichichi… Hot! Water! Water! “
In order to cool the hips, when the ape came to the place of the water jar, he was bit by the bee which was hiding in the water jar.
“Oh! It is painful! Help me!”
When the ape escapes outside, the big mortar has fallen from on a roof.
“Dossuoon! “
“Pardon. I do not do nastiness any longer. Please allow! ”
Finally the ape which repented became friendly with everybody.
The end