Grateful Crane


Grateful Crane

Grateful Crane

A long time ago, a grandfather and a grandmother lived in a certain place.

Although two persons were poor, they were very kind.
The grandfather found something moving into snow on the way home after having sold firewood to the town on the day of a certain cold snow.
“What is that?”
The grandfather found one trapped crane.
The more it moves, the more a trap binds a crane tight.

The grandfather thought that she was very pitiful.
“Keep still. Don’t move. I will help you now. “
When the crane was helped, the crane flew to the direction of a mountain.
When he went home, the grandfather talked to the grandmother.
“The good thing was done today. I helped the trapped crane.”
Suddenly, there was sound which strikes an entrance.
The grandmother opened the door, saying, “Who is it?”
A beautiful girl was standing there.
“Good evening. Although I came to this village to visit a friend’s house, snow is heavy and I have been at loss.”
“May I stay here overnight.”
“It gets cold especially tonight. Now, enter. We are poor as looking. Although there is not enough bedding, if good, please stay.”
The girl was pleased, and she decided to stay there.
It was snowing and snowing and several days passed over it.

She did also with cooking, wash tender-heartedly for two persons.
Before sleeping, the shoulder of the grandfather and the grandmother was massaged gently.
Two persons who do not have a child considered her like their child.
It is a certain evening.
The girl said like this.
“please make me your child”
Two persons are glad to accept her request and said, “We willingly accept your request. ”
One day, the girl said like this.
“I would like to weave beautiful cloth. Would you buy thread?”
The grandfather has bought various color threads instantly.
When beginning work, she said like this.
“From now on, I will weave. While having woven, please never look in at the room. Please never look into. ”
“We understand. we never looks into. Please weave wonderful cloth.”
When she shut herself up in the room, she began to weave all day long. she does not come out, even if night comes.
She also continued weaving the next day.
The grandfather and the grandmother were hearing the sound of weaving.
When sound stopped on the night of the third, she came out with the cloth of one roll.

“Father, mother. Please see this. It completed. ”
It was very beautiful textiles which have not been seen until now.
“They are very beautiful textiles! this is the first time that such wonderful textiles are seen. “
The grandmother said.
“This calls it the textiles of a crane. Please go to a town and sell this tomorrow. And please buy more thread. “
The next day.
The grandfather went to the town.
“Isn’t the textile of a crane needed? Isn’t the textile of a crane needed? “
The grandfather walked along the town.
Since it sold with very high money, the grandfather bought the thread and other things.
The next day and a daughter also began to weave textiles.
When three days passed, the grandmother said to the grandfather.
“How are wonderful textiles woven? I would like to look into a little. “
“Don’t do such a thing. She told us not to look into.”
But the grandmother did not follow what a grandfather says.
“Just for a moment. A little . “
She has looked into at last.
She was surprised to see a crane have woven.
One crane extracted the shuttlecock using the long beak, and had woven into thread.
The remaining shuttlecocks were few.
The grandmother whispered to the grandfather, “The crane have woven.”
The daughter came out from the room with textiles at that night.
“I never forget father and mother’s hospitality and kindness.
I am the crane which was helped from the trapped place.
Although It came for requital of a favor, once I was seen, it cannot be here any longer.

Thank you very much. “
She extended her wings and became a crane, and flied in the sky.
She turned around a house top and have flown to the direction of a mountain.
The end.