The God of Poverty and The God of Fortune


The God of Poverty and The God of Fortune

Grateful Crane

Once upon a time in a village far away, there lived a very poor man.
Although he was exceedingly hard working, no matter how hard he toiled his job became no easier.
Well, the real reason for this was the fact that The God of Poverty was living in the man’s house.
Such was the man’s poor position that the villagers had to take care of his wife.
His wife was not only beautiful but hard working and would also work from morning to night.
“What a good wife she is. Right then, I will also work as hard as I can! ”
So the man doubled his efforts and became a harder worker than before. >
But because of this The God of Poverty became troubled.
“Well, what a hard working couple they are.
That makes it difficult for me to stay here.
What can I do about it?”
There onwards, he started to became more and more disheartened by the fact.
A few years after that, on a New Year’s Eve.
The man in his humble house, was able to prepare some treats regardless of how small they were and welcome in the New Year.
“Sniff, sniff”
At that time, there came a crying sound from inside the roof.
“Hey! Who is that?”
When the man looked up, he noticed an old man with a very dirty appearance crying loudly.

“Hey , who the heck are you?”
“Me? Well, I am The God of Poverty.
Though I have lived here for a very long time and because you and your wife have been so diligent in your ways,
tonight the God of Good Fortune will pay you a visit.
And then I will be forced to leave.”
“Waaah, waaah” cried the god.
Although he was shocked to hear the god who had been protecting them all this time was The God of Poverty, he still understood the truth which is that a god is a god no matter what.
The man then came downstairs and explained the situation to his wife.
The man who now felt pity for the god then said the following to him.
“Well, since you have been living here for so long I would like you to continue staying here for as long as you like.”
Then, his wife chose her words.
“Yes, yes. That’s right.”
The God of Poverty who is disliked wherever he goes upon hearing for the first time words of kindness, burst out in tears of joy.
“Waaah, waaah”
This went on while the night fell and the bells of The New Year’s Eve began to sound.
Now, this is the time when gods usually change their positions in Japan.
Just then, “Bang, bang”
There came a knocking at the door.
“Who could that be at such a late hour.”
“Ho ho ho. Sorry to have kept you waiting so long.
Its me, come over great distances from the land of the gods, the bringer of good fortune.
The one who everybody waits for.
The God of Good Fortune! ”
At long last the God of Fortune had come.
When the God of fortune noticed the God of Poverty, he spoke out,
“What’s a filthy thing like you still here for?
Get out now, or I will use all my might to throw you out! “

 But the god of poverty would not be beaten so easily.
“What are you saying! “

Although the God of Poverty pushed hard, his skinny frame was no match for the stout God of Good Fortune.
While the man and his wife were watching this, they shouted out.
“Watch it!”
“Poverty, don’t lose. ”
The God of Fortune couldn’t believe what he was hearing.
“What’s that? Why are you on the side of Poverty?”
The man and his wife with the aid of the God of Poverty, pushed the God of Fortune outside.
“Yeah, yeah! “
The three of them had at last thrown the God of Fortune outside.
The God of Fortune was at aghast as to what had happened.
“I am the God of Fortune you know.
That person in there is the God of Poverty.
Everybody dislikes him, but I am regarded with importance.
What kind of foolery is this?”
While shaking his head in a puzzled way, he dejectedly walked off.
“We did it ,we did it”
The next day was a joyous New Year’s day.
They and the God of Poverty both celebrated the New Year together.
As a result of the God of Poverty living there, the house did not become rich, but they all lived healthily an happily ever after.