Six little statues(Jizos)


Six little statues(Jizos)

Grateful Crane
Long,long ago, there lived a poor old man and his wife in the snowy mountain.
It was on the last day of a year.
He went to a town to sell some firewood.
On his way, he saw six little statues(Jizos) covered with falling snow.
He cleared the snow off and said:
“You don’t have even straw hats.
Maybe you feel so cold.
I’ll buy you hats in the town.”
And he went to the town.
He got small money by selling firewood.
He bought some necessities and he wanted to buy six straw hats, but he was able to buy only five.

On the way home, he put the hats on the head of five statues and on the last he put his own hood.

When he told his wife the story, she said with joy,”You did a wonderful thing.”
And they went to bed.
In the midnight, they heard someone coming to their house, singing
“Where is the house of the kind old man? We are glad to have five straw hats and a hood. Where is the kind old man’s house?”

Hearing a big noise at the door, he got out of his bed and went to the door.
Opening the door, he found six big straw rice-bags there.
They had a happy New Year.

The end