Sleeping Man


Sleeping Man

Grateful Crane
Long long ago, there lived a queer young man who was always sleeping day and night every day in a village.
He never awoke to get up even if he was spoken ill of by the villagers or made fun of by the children.
When he was a small child, he was an ordinary boy.
But one day he suddenly began to sleep in his bed all days.
When he woke up and got up from his bed, it was the time he went to the toilet because he couldn’t stand it.
After that he went to his bed and fell asleep again.
He was called “A Three-year-sleeping man” by villagers.
By the way this village was troubled with a long spell of dry weather.
They prayed and prayed in vain to God for rain.
At last they thought God got very angry because “the sleeping man” never worked and was only sleeping.

The villagers came to punish him.
Then he opened his eyes, got up on his bed, stretched himself, whispered something and left his house.

He climbed up the mountain step by step to the top of it.
Whispering something, he began to push a huge rock.
The villagers were much surprised and thought;
“It is impossible to move such a huge rock.”
He pushed and pushed the rock.
It never moved.
He pushed and pushed and pushed with all his might.
The huge rock began to sway a little until it rolled down the valley.
It moved the enormous rocks.
They moved the gigantic rocks.
They stopped the stream of the river.
The river changed the stream to the fields in the village.
They all jumped for joy.
Their rice fields had enough water for rice plants.
“The young man” was always thinking of a drought and the solution for it.
He went to bed and fell into sleep again.

The end