Grateful Crane
Long ago, a priest was not allowed to eat raw fish, because it was a sin for him to kill living animals.

On a Winter day, he visited one of the supporters of his temple.
“As I am old, this coldness tells on me severely.” said he to the host.
“Mr. Priest. Why don’t you eat an eel? It’s not only delicious but good for your health.”
He wanted to eat an eel eagerly.
As soon as he came home, he called his young disciple,
“Mr. Boy. Though it is cold, go and buy an eel in a town. I would like to make it into medicine.”
The young boy thought, “My master is telling a lie.”, but he went to the town.
When he returned home from the town, he heard the priest talking with a guest,
“What would my master say if I took an eel in front of the guest? I’ll embarrass my master.” thought he, and took it in the room.

“My master. I bought medicine for you.”
The master looked like embarrassed and said to the boy,
“My Boy. It is not medicine but an eel. You must leave it free in a pond at once.”
How disappointed the priest was! ”

The end