Riddles of Ghost


Riddles of Ghost

Grateful Crane
Long long ago, there was an old Buddhist priest traveling around the country, who stayed at an old and rusty small temple in a mountain one night during his travel.
As nobody had cared about it for a long time, it was much covered with piles of dust and lots of webs.

When he had slept, he was woken up by a dim light in the night and heard a strange voice:
“Mr. Priest. Do you know who we are?”
“Wow. Gho, Ghosts!” cried he, feeling something cold on his back.
“Mr. Priest. We’ll give you three riddles. If you can’t answer them, we’ll eat you. Now we’ll start.”

” I have one leg and one eye. Who am I?” asked a ghost.
” I have a square face and two teeth and three eyes. Who am I?” asked another ghost.
” I have a fire in my round paper body. Who am I? ” asked the last ghost.
“Oh, Please help me.” he cried, trembling himself.
But he thought and thought hard to find out the answers so that he wouldn’t be eaten.
“I see.” He stood up and cried in a loud voice.
“First is the ghost of ‘Umbrella’. Next is the ghost of ‘GETA’(Japanese wooden clogs). Last is the ghost of ‘Japanese lantern’.”
As soon as he finished speaking, they disappeared in a flash.

The end