A mole


A mole

Grateful Crane
Long long ago, there lived a mole on the ground.
It was so hot every day that the mole could no more stand.
He was so angry and said to himself,
“I can’t put up with this heat any more. I’ll shoot the Sun down.

He climbed up the tall tree with a bow and arrows.
Seeing him climb up the tree, a toad said to the Sun.
“Mr. Sun, it’s dangerous.
A mole climbed up the tall tree to shoot you down with a bow and arrows.
So be careful.”

Hearing this, the Sun got so angry that he decided to punish the mole.
“I’ll punish the mole.
First I’ll burn his eyes.
From now he can’t walk on the ground.
He must live under the ground.”

The Sun said to the toad,
“You are kind enough to teach me at once.
From now, when you lay eggs in a pond or a river, I’ll warm the water so that your babies will be hatched faster.”
Now a mole can’t show up on the ground and always hides himself in the ground from the Sun, while a toad have many eggs in a pond or a river in warm Spring.

The end