Left eye injured


Left eye injured

Grateful Crane
Long long ago, there live an old man and his old wife in a village.
The old man had his left eye injured.
One day in the evening, the old man came home from work.
“My wife, I’m coming now.”
“My husband, how are you?
Maybe you are tired.
Which do you like better, eating dinner or taking bath?”
said she, watching her husband.

She was so surprised to see her husband having his right eye injured.
She said to herself,
‘He is not my husband but a fox.’
An idea occurred to her and said to the fox.
“My husband, you drank so much, didn’t you?
When you drank so much, you always enter a straw bag, do you?”

“Of course, I’ll do so.” said the fox.
After drinking so much, he entered himself into the straw bag.
She said to the fox again.
“My husband, next to do is fasten the bag, isn’t it?”
“Of course, it is.” said the fox, who had himself shut in the bag easily.
Soon her real husband whose left eye was injured came home and at last the fox was eaten for dinner.

The end