A calf bridegloom


A calf bridegloom

Grateful Crane

Long long ago, there lived a beautiful lady in a town.
As she was old enough to get married, she went praying God for her happy marriage at a little shrine.

“God, I’d like to get a chance to come across a nice husband.” she prayed.
On the other hand, there was a young man taking a nap in the shrine, who awoke to listen to the pretty young lady speaking it.
He hit on an idea that she would get married to him if she believed God’s advice.
“Hey, young lady.” said he in a whispering voice.
“Yes, who are you?” asked she.
“I’m a God. Where do you live? What is your name?” said the false God.
“I’m the third daughter of a merchant living in this town. My name is Osato.”
“Who do you want to marry?”
“That is just what I’d like to know.”
“Well, then it is the best for you to marry a man called Kinta living in the next town.”
She came home with a great surprise and told her parents the whole stories.
To her regret, her parents liked neither the young man nor his parents.
But she decided to follow the God’s message.
On the day at last when she left her house for the wedding ceremony, she was carried in a palanquin by a pair of men.
A lord on the horseback happened to see two men carrying it, who got interested in it and ordered them to open the sliding door of it.
He was so surprised to see a beautiful young lady wearing a wedding dress and he at once fell in love with her.
She also fell in love with him at the first sight.
He ordered the two men carry a calf which happened to be there instead of her to the house where the false God was waiting.
The calf in a cage rushed off and ran around the room as soon as it was opened in his house.
The young fellow had a punishment because of his careless words.
“Oh my God! Please forgive me for my word.” said he in crazy.
The young lady had a happy life with a lord.

The end